photo has been altered to protect the not so innocent

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Down and Out

I spent the better part of this week feeling like I had been beaten with a very large phone book. I was down and out! Fever, chills, congestion, cough, headache. Fun, fun, fun! I spent most of my days in bed or on the couch. 

Surviving on minimal sleep and Day-Quill I discovered a few things. 

1. It takes me two days to recover from a dose of Tylenol PM. 
2. Ny-Quill sends my heart racing and plays night time mind tricks on me.
3. I totally dig the Bollywood tunes on The Backyardigans.
4. The Fresh Beat Band has entirely too much energy.
5. Mom's aren't supposed to (allowed to) be sick.
6. Courtney Kardashian is a total jockey.
7. Kim Kardashian has psoriasis and is using her sister Courtney's breast milk to cure it. 

Apparently it's working... could have made millions if I had saved all of mine! Wish I could be of more service to you Kim K. At least now that you are having Kayne's baby you can squirt your breast milk on your own legs.