photo has been altered to protect the not so innocent

Sunday, June 10, 2012

other people's kids

when i take care of other people's kids i realize how much i actually like mine. as much as i complain about my offspring they have a few things going for them.

1. they don't wake up at the ass crack of dawn
2. they can entertain themselves with little direction from me
3. they don't "order" their breakfast like they are at a restaurant requesting egg sandwiches with slightly melted cheese
4. they haven't figured out how to manipulate the other to get what they want...yet
5. they don't talk back...yet
6. they can attend to a task for more than 5 minutes

don't get me wrong, i love other people's kids, and i am happy to help when i can, but just as happy to see them go home (eek! mean friend alert). 

point being, other people's kids help me appreciate mine a little more.

Friday, June 8, 2012

surviving summer

it's day 2 of summer vacation and i'm not sure that i'm going to survive. so many are looking forward to long days filled with frolicking children, bbq's and good times. yes, there will be that, however the idea of spending the next almost three months, every single day all day long with my children is daunting. 

i fear that i am going to spend my days acting as a referee and or militant mother. yesterday started out with a bang. first day home from school and the breakfast bickering was well under way about an hour in. meltdowns and time outs quickly followed. 

so while many likely spent their day enjoying their children's presence all i could think about was the next time that i would be alone...august 20th to be precise. 

oh, and trying not to drink during the week is completely over-rated.