photo has been altered to protect the not so innocent

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sanity renewal

i love my kids, but sometimes they make me crazy. have i mentioned that before? HA! sometimes, i just need to dash to the beach for a few to renew my sanity. selfish? na, i think not. rather, moments like this help restore balance.
it's free therapy. the quiet time alone renews me. it gives me a chance to take a moment or two for myself and just be still. 
it gives me a chance to think about my husband and my girls and realize just how lucky i really am. it gives me a chance to appreciate the little things.
it gives me a chance to just be ME, alone to breathe in the salty air and adjust my sails.
thank you mr. beach, always a pleasure.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

priceless quotes of a 3 year old

mom, i haven't had a job in my whole life, but i will some day.

i like leaving "P" at school. that's a good deal!

can we bite "P's" head off? 
no, "l" we can't do that.
yes mom, let's do that. it would be funny, she would have no more head and eyes. chomp! chomp! and she couldn't be crabby and whine anymore.

mommy, that guy kinda look like our daddy. (l watching smurfs. the guy happens to be neil patrick harris. HA! this is funny because strangers have walked up to us to tell us that he looks like him on many occasions).

Friday, March 23, 2012

ship 'em out!

i called on my back up team the other day for fear that i was going to turn all joan crawford in mommy dearest. i sent my in-laws a text at 9 am, anyone want a five and three year old tonight? within minutes they accepted the offer with open arms. i told them i needed a break before i snap, endearing daughter #1 is killing me!

it is truly unbelievable the shenanigans that go on with her... and it's all for me. she's an angel for everyone but me! it's not that she is a BAD kid, she is just obviously testing the waters with me. i don't do well with whining, temper tantrums, irrational thoughts of children and meanies. so i shipped them off for the night. i warned the in-laws about all of the recent dramas so they were well aware of what they were in for. 

the report: they were both great, slept well & had no issues last night or this morning. 
go figure! it took all of about 24 hours for the wrath of the 5 year old to return :(.

in an act of desperation, i took to the bookstore and left with a few items to help get me out of this parent trap i seem to be in.

i'll let you know how it goes...

good people still exist

my faith in humanity was restored today. 
i took my youngest to the doctor and afterwards we stopped at costco for a few items. we hit the concession stand, ordered up a hotdog and a frozen yogurt when much to my surprise they do not accept anything but cash or check, neither of which i had. i was mortified. they swept my order to the side and directed me to the atm around the corner. the older gentleman behind me slide up to the register and PAID for us! HE PAID FOR US! mind you, it was only a $3 tab, but he PAID for us. i carried on about how embarrassed i was etc., etc. he hushed me up and said, "honey, it's not a big deal. i have enjoyed watching her (my daughter) in line. she's such a little sweetie. it is my pleasure, please just let me do this for you."

"er...i'm so embarrassed, ok, thank you sir. we really appreciate it." 

we joined the mass of retirees who frequently dine at costco and enjoyed our complimentary dog and frozen yogurt, chatted with a few of our neighbors then went about our business. before leaving the "dining room" we stopped to say thank you one more time. 
his response, "it was absolutely my pleasure. i think i had more fun watching her eat her ice cream than she did eating it (not in a creepy way). god bless you both".

to which i replied, "may he bless you too. have a great day and thanks again."

i shared my exciting news via text of course with my friend and here's what she wrote:
dude...random acts, as much as it made you smile, he is smiling too...for the opportunity to make you two lovely ladies smile! good stuff!! that made my day! good stuff happens to good people! u needed that boost in humanity!!! ahhh...

what will you do today to help boost humanity?

Monday, March 19, 2012

no words

i was introduced to heddy  via blog by my friend jen a while ago. jen and heddy are dear friends. i received a text this morning from jen letting me know that heather had passed away shortly after midnight. i didn't know heather, but her friendship with jen and her fight has moved me in a way that words cannot describe. 

may you finally be at peace heather.

Monday, March 12, 2012

i wasn't going to drink today...

my friday started out quite nicely. as part of my get out of my funk plan, i thought i would take a morning stroll on the beach after i dropped the girls at school. so i did.

i hit Home Depot for some plants. not sure what it is about "gardening" but for some reason i always give it a whirl, thinking that my thumbs will miraculously turn green. there is something about gardening that is very zen. anyhow, got my goods and i was off to a massage. tried out a new therapist today. A-mazing!!

the plan was to meet my sister afterwards to go shoe shopping as she was in desperate need of a pair of nude platforms. our plans were sidetracked by the back up at the spray tan place she frequents (gotta try this one of these days for shits and giggles), so she went to grab some "quick" sushi before she "snapped" (ie: major food meltdown from lack of it). an hour plus later...i think they were out catching the tuna, we made it to our destination. unfortunately the shoe search continues.

i picked up the girls feeling relaxed and ready to attack the afternoon with them. it went south quickly. insert annoying whining, bickering, tattling etc. here.

i diffused the situation upon our arrival home with ice cream, sprinkles and hot chocolate. Stellar parenting indeed!

i took to the outdoors to escape my kids. it took about 10 minutes to be discovered but i was able to get some of my zen gardening done.
and as a reward...
so much for not drinking.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

and then there was one

for my mother in law's birthday this year she wanted to take her 3 oldest grandchildren (that would be 2 five year olds and 1 four year old) to Disney for the weekend to which i replied, "are you crazy?". i quickly recanted and realized that this was an opportunity to be left with only one child to parent for 4 whole days! 

my "are you crazy?" turned to "are you sure? what would you like me to pack for her?". 

FOUR days! FOUR days with only ONE kid! it was incredible. no screaming, no whining, no fighting, no clothing or shoe drama and no talking back. four glorious days with our almost three year old.

it was quiet, serene and so incredibly easy! i forgot how simple life was with just one kid. we ice-skated, we went to see her FIRST movie, The Lorax, in 3D no less and went out on the town for 2 lunches and a dinner with not a fuss. we REALLY enjoyed our youngest who always seems to be overshadowed by her big sister. 

youngest asked for oldest all weekend long and when they were reunited she was so excited to see her that she ran up to her, hugged her and said, "i missed you so much. i'm happy you are home!"
despite all the bossiness, snarky comments and fighting, i realized that they really do LOVE each other. they are sisters and they are friends :).

one of my stellar parenting moments this past weekend: at pub, beer in hand, kid asleep in the other

Thursday, March 8, 2012

in like a lion...please go out like a lamb

march has proven to be a rather depressing month thus far. It has quite honestly put me in a bit of a "funk".

i have friends of friends who are dying of cancer, friends mom's who are battling various forms of cancer and my sister in law's nana passed away the other day quite unexpectedly.

god works in mysterious ways, even amongst all the sadness of late, he brings new life. there was also a few new babies i know of brought into the world this week :). i've been trying to figure out how to "talk" to god for quite a while now. people talk about god sending them signs, messages, etc. and somehow you just know he's there. this past sunday i was at church trying to talk to god ("praying" i think) for my friends and family who are struggling with grief and a sudden wave of coldness came over me. i was literally freezing! i didn't think much of it in that moment, but i think i may have opened up a line of communication. 

it was really strange but i felt at peace. maybe i'm finally figuring it out, how to trust in god, be faithful and listen after all of these years. 

march has lived up to its expectation of coming in like a lion, now it's time for it to go out like a lamb!