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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

zero tolerance

yep, it's official, i have zero tolerance for just about everything right now. could possibly be a result of aunt flo coming for her monthly visit, but i'm finding that anything that i'm faced with irritates me beyond belief.

in no particular order, they are as follows:

- husbands who leave dog puke on the foyer carpet for three days and continue to ask me    if i have gone to the store for carpet cleaner to clean it up
- my children, especially when they open their mouths
- incompetent people
- when my three year old sh*#ts in the toilet sideways leaving an infinite "treasure trail" (not quite what it meant in my pre-married / kid life)
- whining children and more specifically whining adults
- the fact that my fridge has no beer that i really like in it (but i drink what's there anyway)
- that i cannot function without napping the last few days, although, this is a bit of a perk while both girls are at school
- packing lunches

and i think that should do it for now.

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