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Thursday, January 17, 2013

am i completely insane?

the past few weeks i've been vacillating between continuing on this journey as a stay at home mom or embarking on a career change. 

thought #1:

doing something like this...the scream truck. these two women have "balls", literally! they decided to delve into the world of food trucks with a healthier approach to ice cream. i love their cheekiness!

thought #2: 

becoming a florida gator and pursuing a second masters degree.

both are essentially insane ideas. 

could i possibly juggle either without interfering with my current, rather stress-free lifestyle? would i break out in my stress rash again where i end up looking like a 13 year old boy? would i want to cry everyday? would my husband REALLY be so jacked about me being a florida alum like him once he realizes how crazy going back to school will make me? 

am i insane or what?


Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler said...

Whatever you decide it is all about balance.
I just graduated from UBC Kelowna campus in June 2012 and I find myself missing school but then I remember the nightmares of essays and midterms. But then again it all depends on what you are seeking to study.

I haven't been to your sister's restaurant in Nelson but I am planning on returning this summer after 4 years! My boyfriend's family lives in Grand Forks which I will be forced to visit in summer - maybe I can twist his arm to stay in Nelson for a night!

Rebecca said...

Love the S'Cream thing. If I didn't live in a cold climate, I'd try it. A lot to invest though. Motherhood brings on midlife crisis because so many of us all of a sudden realise what we did before isn't what we want to do after. I am going through that right now too. Keep researching and make lists and ask your friends.