photo has been altered to protect the not so innocent

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

happiness is a choice - grab life by the balls

on a fairly regular basis i find myself in utter shock by the number of people who are miserable. i get it, everyone has a story. maybe the woman i saw in the homegoods parking lot the other day was shooting another the bird because she is stressed out at work. maybe the woman at work who never says hi to me when i say hello is just shy and not really a bitch (but I doubt it). maybe the old lady i saw making faces at the person who was driving a little too slow for her liking is crabby because she is not getting enough action between the sheets. 

whatever the story, there's one thing that i do know. life is too damn short to let stupid stuff get in the way of our happiness. no matter our circumstances, it's not that hard to find something to be happy about. be happy that you woke up today. be happy that you have fresh water to drink. be happy that you are not locked up in a foreign prison (o.k., a little dramatic, but you get the drift).

happiness is a choice. you have the right to choose. choose happy and grab life by the balls people!