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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


if i stop and think about it, i've pretty much taken my health for granted all these years. i've never had to go to the doctor for anything other than cranking out a couple of kids and a few ear infections here and there.

old age has officially kicked in! i had a ct scan last week and found out today that my "inconclusive" results show that i have an umbilical hernia and early stages of pelvic congestion syndrome. say what?!?! i'm a little overwhelmed by it all at the moment and need to find out more. 

as a post memorial day celebration i get to go in for an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. yeah me! nothing like two up the poop in two years. again, yeah me! nothing in moderation.

in the meantime, i will try not to overdose on web md or my new favorite thing, a tasty little treasure my hubs found for me :). thank you Anheuser-Busch  !
nice to meet ya rita!

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Rebecca said...

My comment just got eaten by cyberbots. It was, aging sucks! I am currently avoiding my doctor. I hope it all gets resolved for you soon. hug from Canada.