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Thursday, May 3, 2012

i used to know stuff

as i was walking on the beach wednesday morning in an attempt to decompress from my stimulus overload on a recent disney cruise, it dawned on me that i used to know stuff, a lot of stuff. some of it rather useless stuff in the eyes of many, but i knew stuff. stuff like the little plucking plover that graces our shores loses 30% of its body weight over a weekend at the beach because they are constantly running away from annoying people like me invading their habitat. or that there are different types of mangroves or that there are actually really important things going on in this world. now... i got nothing!

i no longer read issues of newsweek, i rarely watch the news for fear that my girls will see something awful and instead of catching up on current events each night on my computer or reading something of value, i find myself on pinterest, facebook or reading the latest celebrity gossip. what has become of me? i had a brain at one point, i'm just not sure what happened to it. 

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Rebecca/Brain-Dead Mom said...

A massive pot of coffee helps. And wine. I also weaned myself of Perez and Pop Sugar but still don't watch the news- it's all depressing and scare-mongering. Knowing about a bird (I assume it's that little bird on the beach that runs) that loses 30% of its body weight is way more interesting than the news!