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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sainthood or martyrdom?

i'm not sure who i am supposed to contact, but i think it's time for a nomination. the only problem is that i just can't decide which is more appropriate, sainthood or martyrdom? 

the last few weeks have been incredibly trying with my 5 year old. her sass and attitude have driven me to the brink of crazy town. i spent a few tearful moments trying to figure out what i am doing wrong, consulted with friends, family and even my dad. the trouble with sharing with my dad is that at times he takes things to the extreme, but during our discussion he assured me i was doing it right. "be consistent, don't let her see that she gets to you, love her to death and let her know that she is disappointing you when she is disrespectful".

and with that came the threat of staying at home for a pending trip to disney. talk about kicking 'em where it counts!

she had a few days to prove herself and if she blew it, home she would stay. shockingly, she pulled through and was able to go with her cousins and grandparents to disney for the weekend.

i selflessly offered to assist my in-laws. they were embarking on a four day adventure with FIVE grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 5, yep... 5 kids! i couldn't justify my children being part of the 5 without lending a hand, so i went along.

i am not cut out for such adventures. it was simply exhausting. rotating five children through restrooms, waiting in lines, going on rides, changing diapers of children who don't belong to me, finding food that picky eaters would eat, telling kids a millions times not to put the pool water in their mouths because someone probably just peed in it, #'2's in public restrooms, touching  and some licking of every possible surface at the park and running out of beer on day 2 was more than this cat could handle.

but this made it worth it all...

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Rebecca said...

Go for living Sainthood. I'd miss your blog if you martyred yourself.