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Monday, March 12, 2012

i wasn't going to drink today...

my friday started out quite nicely. as part of my get out of my funk plan, i thought i would take a morning stroll on the beach after i dropped the girls at school. so i did.

i hit Home Depot for some plants. not sure what it is about "gardening" but for some reason i always give it a whirl, thinking that my thumbs will miraculously turn green. there is something about gardening that is very zen. anyhow, got my goods and i was off to a massage. tried out a new therapist today. A-mazing!!

the plan was to meet my sister afterwards to go shoe shopping as she was in desperate need of a pair of nude platforms. our plans were sidetracked by the back up at the spray tan place she frequents (gotta try this one of these days for shits and giggles), so she went to grab some "quick" sushi before she "snapped" (ie: major food meltdown from lack of it). an hour plus later...i think they were out catching the tuna, we made it to our destination. unfortunately the shoe search continues.

i picked up the girls feeling relaxed and ready to attack the afternoon with them. it went south quickly. insert annoying whining, bickering, tattling etc. here.

i diffused the situation upon our arrival home with ice cream, sprinkles and hot chocolate. Stellar parenting indeed!

i took to the outdoors to escape my kids. it took about 10 minutes to be discovered but i was able to get some of my zen gardening done.
and as a reward...
so much for not drinking.

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