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Friday, March 23, 2012

good people still exist

my faith in humanity was restored today. 
i took my youngest to the doctor and afterwards we stopped at costco for a few items. we hit the concession stand, ordered up a hotdog and a frozen yogurt when much to my surprise they do not accept anything but cash or check, neither of which i had. i was mortified. they swept my order to the side and directed me to the atm around the corner. the older gentleman behind me slide up to the register and PAID for us! HE PAID FOR US! mind you, it was only a $3 tab, but he PAID for us. i carried on about how embarrassed i was etc., etc. he hushed me up and said, "honey, it's not a big deal. i have enjoyed watching her (my daughter) in line. she's such a little sweetie. it is my pleasure, please just let me do this for you."

"er...i'm so embarrassed, ok, thank you sir. we really appreciate it." 

we joined the mass of retirees who frequently dine at costco and enjoyed our complimentary dog and frozen yogurt, chatted with a few of our neighbors then went about our business. before leaving the "dining room" we stopped to say thank you one more time. 
his response, "it was absolutely my pleasure. i think i had more fun watching her eat her ice cream than she did eating it (not in a creepy way). god bless you both".

to which i replied, "may he bless you too. have a great day and thanks again."

i shared my exciting news via text of course with my friend and here's what she wrote:
dude...random acts, as much as it made you smile, he is smiling too...for the opportunity to make you two lovely ladies smile! good stuff!! that made my day! good stuff happens to good people! u needed that boost in humanity!!! ahhh...

what will you do today to help boost humanity?

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