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Saturday, March 10, 2012

and then there was one

for my mother in law's birthday this year she wanted to take her 3 oldest grandchildren (that would be 2 five year olds and 1 four year old) to Disney for the weekend to which i replied, "are you crazy?". i quickly recanted and realized that this was an opportunity to be left with only one child to parent for 4 whole days! 

my "are you crazy?" turned to "are you sure? what would you like me to pack for her?". 

FOUR days! FOUR days with only ONE kid! it was incredible. no screaming, no whining, no fighting, no clothing or shoe drama and no talking back. four glorious days with our almost three year old.

it was quiet, serene and so incredibly easy! i forgot how simple life was with just one kid. we ice-skated, we went to see her FIRST movie, The Lorax, in 3D no less and went out on the town for 2 lunches and a dinner with not a fuss. we REALLY enjoyed our youngest who always seems to be overshadowed by her big sister. 

youngest asked for oldest all weekend long and when they were reunited she was so excited to see her that she ran up to her, hugged her and said, "i missed you so much. i'm happy you are home!"
despite all the bossiness, snarky comments and fighting, i realized that they really do LOVE each other. they are sisters and they are friends :).

one of my stellar parenting moments this past weekend: at pub, beer in hand, kid asleep in the other

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Megan said...

oh my gosh, that is amazing!! what an angel of a mother-in-law to want to do that! that's so awesome! hopefully she didn't get too stressed or anything.

thank you so much for your encouraging words on my blog as well! that really means a lot to know that I'm not alone in all of this. I really appreciate it!