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Thursday, March 8, 2012

in like a lion...please go out like a lamb

march has proven to be a rather depressing month thus far. It has quite honestly put me in a bit of a "funk".

i have friends of friends who are dying of cancer, friends mom's who are battling various forms of cancer and my sister in law's nana passed away the other day quite unexpectedly.

god works in mysterious ways, even amongst all the sadness of late, he brings new life. there was also a few new babies i know of brought into the world this week :). i've been trying to figure out how to "talk" to god for quite a while now. people talk about god sending them signs, messages, etc. and somehow you just know he's there. this past sunday i was at church trying to talk to god ("praying" i think) for my friends and family who are struggling with grief and a sudden wave of coldness came over me. i was literally freezing! i didn't think much of it in that moment, but i think i may have opened up a line of communication. 

it was really strange but i felt at peace. maybe i'm finally figuring it out, how to trust in god, be faithful and listen after all of these years. 

march has lived up to its expectation of coming in like a lion, now it's time for it to go out like a lamb!

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