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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

in the back pack

look what i found in the back pack:

Dear Parents,
As early childhood educators, we spend our days teaching letter and number concepts, as well as facilitating appropriate socialization among our students. Recently, we have discovered the need to also address behaviors that are less appropriate for the Preschool environment. We encourage you to speak to your child to reinforce the message that they hear at school. Specifically, we have felt it necessary to remind the children that it is not appropriate to show undergarments to our friends at school. In fact, we suggested to the girls that they also wear shorts / leggings/ tights under their skirts / dresses. We've discussed the important issue of making sure no one touches one's body unless they are one's Mom, Dad or doctor. While this is a tough concept for younger children to understand, it is a necessary concept. A simplified version, "no one sees what's under your shirt and shorts or touches you under your shorts or shirt except your mom and dad", was presented to the children today during circle time. If you should have any questions or concerns, please speak with  ------ or ------.

gotta love getting that from preschool!

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