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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what my kid did to piss me off today

as i sit here guzzling my bud light lime and nibbling on a mixture of cadbury easter eggs and peanut butter cups (mini ones) all the things that my 5 year old did to piss me off today seem to be escaping me...but wait, i remember a few!

does it really matter that she threw a spray bottle at me today while we were planting the much anticipated butterfly garden in the back yard?
or that she dropped to the ground like a wet dish rag the second i reprimanded her?
or that she brutalized her younger sister, immediately said she's sorry and ends up being the one in tears. or that she rolls her eyes at me, tells me that i never forgive her for anything, that i don't want her, i don't love her and i like her sister better because she doesn't yell and scream. 

does it really matter? YES! because she is driving me crazy!!! people say it's a phase, well, it's time for this phase to be OUT!

excuse me if you will, but i hear another bud light lime calling my name. 

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