photo has been altered to protect the not so innocent

Monday, April 16, 2012

is it wrong?

(found this one in my drafts - oops!)

is it wrong to still be eating birthday cake from a birthday party over 3 weeks ago?
is it wrong that i pretend that it's not me eating it... or the easter chocolates for that matter?
is it wrong that i lie to my kids and tell them that i will go swimming with them when i have no intention of doing so because the pool is freakin' frigid?
is it wrong that there are days that i wish was 21 again, single and fancy free?
is it wrong that there are times that i dodge people i know at target just so i don't have to talk?
is it wrong that the cake i mentioned above is stale and tastes like crap, but i am eating it while i type this?
is it wrong that i had a dream last night about a guy i went to prom with (wasn't even my boyfriend - oops! that's a story for another time)?
is it wrong that i'm dying for the next season of True Blood to be available on Apple TV so i can stare at Jason Stackhouse and the werewolf guy?
is it wrong that my 3 year old prefers to be naked wearing sandals in lieu of proper attire?

man, i hope not because if it is, i'm in big trouble!