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Friday, April 6, 2012

not "eggs-actly" as planned

for the majority of the week my kids have been harassing me about painting eggs for easter. ugh! i will never profess to be artistic, nor the least bit crafty for that matter. my mom always had "projects" all over our house when we were kids and it drove us nuts! there was literally no space available ANYWHERE! no clear counters, tables, trunks, dressers etc... you get the drift. am i getting off topic or is it just me? 

anywho... we finally dove into the egg decorating. with two trips to target behind me, i had completely forgotten to purchase white eggs for maximum decorating effect. i was in no mood to venture out again for eggs. thankfully i had some ridiculously over priced omega 3, organic, cage-free BROWN eggs in the fridge. 

after googling the proper technique for hard boiling eggs, i kindly allotted 3 eggs to each darling for decorating purposes. within minutes endearing daughter #1 cracked her first egg. only a minor meltdown ensued. after a shockingly quick recovery we agreed that the watercolors, crayons and markers just weren't cutting it. i was reminded that "last year we soaked them mom, don't you remember? we soaked them in paint or something. maybe it was food coloring." AH HA! and there they were, shoved behind the gigantic bag of seasonal cookie cutters we never use, all the colors of the rainbow. the mixologist got to work and we were soaking up a storm. 

endearing daughter #2 was elbow deep in red, my newly painted finger nails were now an array of colors (as a side note, i NEVER paint my nails so i found this especially irritating) - and we were done!
"eggs-ceptional" don't you think? i think i may have to submit this to Martha :).

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