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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

getting out the door

i have officially turned into something that i never wanted to be - my mother. it used to drive me crazy as a kid that she would have to go back into the house about a thousand times (ok maybe 10) before we ever went anywhere. i never really knew why she would go back or what the hell she was doing, i just thought she was a wing nut and settled on that. i never understood it until now. 

i seriously CANNOT get out of the door of our house without going back to get or do something at least a thousand times (ok maybe 10). SERIOUSLY! what tha'?!?! i would like to blame this entirely on my kids. it is all their fault, except for when i go back in to get my car keys, or watch, or wedding ring, or phone, but i digress...

it really is their fault. they have me freakin' frazzled! something strange comes over me and i become their little minion running back in forth collecting random bits they request. be it an on the go breakfast, a hair brush, a pair of shoes, a toy they "need" for the car or whatever. once i have them in the car, i simply don't want them out of it because they are worse then herding kittens when it comes time to go anywhere and it just opens up an opportunity for operation meltdown.

so, i do it. i run back and forth like a fool getting what has been "left" behind in an effort to keep the peace and just get out of the garage. am i the only one out there who gets sucked into this or have i just completely lost my mind? or is this all just part of that large parent trap that i'm in?

2 comments: said...

I do that too, then get to my destination realizing I forgot what's really important. Diapers and wipes! Agh!

Rebecca said...

That is often the best exercise I get in a day. :)